Infinity Sports Lounge is a new and upcoming establishment located on 185th in Cleveland, Ohio. Infinity would like to help bring back this once thriving area of Cleveland and would also like to help the community. Infinity is currently offering “Adopt a Family for Christmas” and would like to check in on this family throughout the year. We will also be offering free giveaways throughout the year as our way to give back to the community, mostly on major holidays like Easter and Thanksgiving for example.

Infinity Sports Lounge would like to focus on the wonderful food we offer like succulent stuffed lamb chops, or our classic alfredo with Fontaine spinach that can be served with shrimp skewers, chicken or steak. For lighter fare we offer Bar Bites that can be purchased for $5. But (and yes there is a but), what type of lounge would we be without our own signature drinks, such as Infinity Mango, Key Lime, Crush or Gummy. They have been tested and approved.

We will also be offering daily specials. Sundays are for the guys with our Men’s Night Special with $5 off top shelf liquor or our BOGO Thursday buy one get one free, drinks all night.

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